As of 02/05/2018 07:07, we would like to introduce our new price update that complies to our existing loyal customers as well as new signups. New Technology and prices of hosting service were moved up to the next generation in past eight years. But in past eight years, we were stucked at the same price. due to, we were hardly able to sustain our business by maintaining the same prices. Therefore, as of today, we have decied to tightly increase our hosting prices. we believe this would put us an extra effort in our business to stay us healthly so we could gain more reliability and trust in our further footsteps.
1 200MB 0.42
2 500MB 0.83
3 1GB 1.67
4 2GB 2.50
5 3GB 3.33
6 4GB 5.00
7 5GB 6.25
8 10GB 8.75
8 UNLIMITED1 11.25
9 UNLIMITED2 19.00
10 UNLIMITED2 24.00

Good Luck !

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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